What were your biggest barriers in Sport bike riding? How did you break through them? What are the gains you made from breaking through them? Were they mental or were they physical or both?

I'm still chasing the elusive knee down, I have since given up on that task and what I am focusing on is better body control and better throttle control, and the knee down will happen as a result of that. My mental barrier is being part of the crew (not the slow guy). I'm still gaining rhythm and gaining better understanding of the idiot who connects the machine to the road. Learning to allow the motorcycle to do what it wants to do and enjoy the ride. I have come to find the barrier will not come crashing down immediately, for a while it is brick by brick, and once there is enough light to come through, you just break through. Seems like a brick comes down every ride. I watch what other riders do, I take what I like and dis guard what I don't. And some helpful hints on what another rider is doing helps here and there too.

Anyway, what are things that held you back/ area holding you back? What did you do/ are you doing to get over it? McLovin's monthly thought?