A very short review of a couple things I've purchased recently that I have found useful.

1. Gorilla hanger from Duluth Trading. I had a Duluth coupon so I decided to try these. They are available from other retailers, probably cheaper if you don't have a coupon. I think I paid like 15 bucks for 2 of them with the regular price being like 25 for 2. I really like these for hanging heavy jackets and full suits on. I with they were a little wider but, so far, I haven't had anything fall off of them. These things are freaking huge. And heavy. I bet the hanger weighs well over a pound by itself. With it's design and weight I would say there would be no problem hanging several jackets on it. I will see how it does in the trailer next week.

I just looked...Duluth is out of these bad boys.

2. Invisible glass spray. I use this to clean my visor and helmet with. It is excellent in that it comes out as a foam so it stays in place for a few minutes so you can soak your visor. Excellent product. Pricey at about 7 bucks for a large can but I've been using the same can for over 6 months. This is what to use to clean your visor with. I used to use Honda Polish, and it works well, but this is a non-petroleum based product that won't dull or yellow your polycarbonate visors.

3. Bull-it sr6 jeans. These are motorcycle specific riding pants. They have pockets for hip and knee armour. They don't fit tight, which could be problem with some burning in a getoff, but they are a heavy, well built pair of pants. I've been riding exclusively in them for the entire spring and I've been very happy with them. They fit a bit low on my waist but, with a belt, it really isn't a problem. They are made not of Kevlar but Covec which is a proprietary fabric blend. I haven't crashed in them so I can't attest to their abrasion resistance but I will say they are comfortable if not a bit on the heavy side. We'll see more as the weather warms up. I'd buy them again.