This is what I do to my engines when winter hits. Mower, genny, weed eater, power washer, motorcycles, boat engines, any engine that will not be used for 4mo+. Do you do anything different? do you recommend changing any of this?

1) Replace fuel
- Get fresh fuel, add stabilizer at storage dose
- Pump out old fuel, replace with new fuel + stabilizer, fill less than 1/4th (?)
- Run engine until reach operating temp and stop
Q: on carburated engines, I run until all fuel is consumed and store with dry carbs and dry tank. Is this better than leaving stabilized fuel?

2) Change oil + filter

3) Change/clean(K&N) air filter

4) Fog engine
- Disconnect spark plug/disable ignition
- Squirt Sea Foam in airbox while cranking
- Reconnect spark plug/ignition

5) Store

I read some people mix fuel and 2T oil and run their injected engines until they smoke/sputters. Is this really worth it?