After many let downs on trying to buy a bike that met the criteria of the "Build A Bike" race challenge, and furthermore, that it could be prepared/repaired within the $600 budget, I came across a 1985 ZX600R Ninja that was 99% intact and was running recently, but was believed to have carburetor problems.

When Wendy and I turned up to view the bike, the guy had started taking it apart so he could fix the carbs. I checked the bike out, it turned over OK brakes were OK but sticking slightly, tires were shot. The front forks were nearly solid and would only depress about 1 inch, I decided this was due to the fork anti-dive units having seized up, which would be similar to winding the compression damping in full on a modern bike. Other than the bike looking very grim with a poor black rattle can paint job and an abundance of black over-spray everywhere, it seemed like a good candidate.

We agreed on $400, loaded it up, grabbed the spare carbs and some miscellaneous spares along with the bodywork and headed home.

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To be continued...