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Thread: Gerbings Heated Gloves

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    Gerbings Heated Gloves

    Getting cold just ainít no fun at all. Growing up in Atlanta, with mild winters I rode year round. I thought I got cold at the time. I thought about heated riding gear. I thought I was tough enough to do with out. This hear ainít Atlanta. Iím getting a lot older, fatter, and down right soft. Tough enough just donít cut it no more.
    If you do a search youíll find all kinds of articles on the net about heated riding gear. There is no need for me to try and duplicate information already published by more educated, talented, and experienced writers than myself. Iím going to tell you what they donít. If you have no desire to ride in cold weather, or to ever purchase heated gear, then hopefully Iím giving you some entertaining reading for your bored off season.
    Gerbing is one of the oldest if not the oldest brand of heated gear available. An honest comparison/shootout between all the brands is impossible to find. I chose Gerbing because that was the highest recommended brand among the true hard core riders from forums that attract people who ride ďIron ButtĒ style. Quality gear, and the best customer support.
    My first piece of gear was a heated vest. I find a vest less restrictive to movement than a full liner. My Dianese Jacket all ready has an excellent full sleeve liner, and the vest fits well under that liner. The vest can be kept in my tank bag year around, and is great for an unexpected drop in temp. Put that under my mesh Joe Rocket, and I can make it home if the temps drop from 80 to 60.
    My recent purchase was gloves. This is my real topic. The Tour Master Winter Elites Iíve been using for almost ten years are great down into the 40ís. They are good for up to 30 minutes in low 30ís. Below freezing, and my hands go numb.
    I purchased, after trying on every version of glove Gerbing makes, their original leather heated glove. The short story is simple: They work. 21 F, 80mph wind chill, 30 minute ride, warm toasty hands. I feel like I can finally handle mid teens this year, if my bike will start..... thatís another story....
    The long story: They run a little large in sizing. The fingers are just a tad too long. They came out of the package completely flat, but after a few weeks of riding, the leather is beginning to take on a pre-curved shape. When making a fist, there is a little discomfort across the tops of my knuckles and finger joints. I believe this is from the heating elements, and really only serves to remind you to relax your grip on the bars. They are nice, and fairly comfortable, just not nearly as comfortable as my old Tour Master gloves.
    Where the electric cord for the vest a very unobtrusive, the gloveís wiring harness is ever noticeable. The gloves will attach direct to plugs on the end of a heated jacket, but if you donít have a heated jacket liner you need to use the provided Y harness.
    I ran my Y harness between my jacket and liner. Two plugs hang out the sleeves of the jacket, and one hangs out the back. The harness is an equal Y, but the plug on my vest, which provides power to the gloves, is on the left side. This leaves the harness not hanging even, and the right side connecter always wants to work its way back up the sleeve your Jacket.
    As for the plugs hanging out your jacket sleeves....... Tucking the cords back into the jacket sleeve leave a very uncomfortable mass of plug right across your wrist at the tightest part of your jacket. My answer has been to leave enough cord out to loop over the outside of my sleeve between the Jacket and glove gauntlet. This works for riding, but leaves you with cords dangling around your hands when you get off the bike. If I had a full heated liner instead of the vest, this area would still be an issue of discomfort. In fact, Iím not sure there would be enough lead to loop the connector over the top of my jacket sleeve......
    AND........... I can always feel the Y harness on my right arm and in my right arm pit if I move, thanks to the nature of the left side plug. A full liner would remedy this.

    I have a single rotary dial controller for my vest and gloves. The main of the harness runs between the tank bag base, and bag. I plug in right at the base of my tank bag, and then control my temp settings with a dial mounted with velcro to the HESD in front of my bag. It works well. Is easy to reach, and very unobtrusive.

    So....... my verdict....... the gloves do the job. They are comfortable enough in motion. I could not keep riding everyday without them. I will put them away, and loose all the cables as soon as it gets warm!
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    - - - Updated - - -

    Hopefully these photos show the lack of proper "pre-curve" as demonstrated by my old Tour Master gloves
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    Great write up!!

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