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  1. Well I just put a deposit on a 6 week old male. Brindle like yours with a white head. The runt is a female mostly all white. They have another younger litter with 3 females that are all brindle/white.
  2. If u can find a female that would be great, but I think I have another female lined up too.
  3. Yes I got it and meant to comment back and was distracted with dropping off my bike and family crap. He looks great and I'm happy to see that he is white/brindle mix because that would be my 1st choice. So are you asking me if I can find you a female to breed?
  4. Sent ya a text with the bulldogs pics, never heard anything. Did u get a female or know someone with one?
  5. Hey if you are still looking to stud your male, send me a picture of him. I remember he was brindle but I only seen a pic of him as a pup.
    Peace out.
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