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  1. Yea, but its ok. I cant wait for him to get here. I really wanna get some money together and do the trackday but i dont see the money coming through.
  2. I dont need to get any faster..... The road just had a great rhythm and the lines you were giving me really helped my change the way I get through that tighter stuff. Its was a fuggin blast man and might be one of your last good ones for a bit with that little one coming. After a few weeks thou, youll be back in the mix.
  3. as much as you preach about ride your own ride, i knew you could handle yourself. I was just pushing harder and harder and checking to see how long till i pulled away....nice job man, maybe the cheetah is getting faster lol
  4. Man it was great riding down 28 with you. That was some of the most fun Ive had in a long time. I know you kept looking back at me thinking I was in a ditch......
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